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Purple Card Program

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Purple Card Program 💜

The Purple Card program is a discount program for UBC Arts Undergraduate students on a variety of businesses, goods, and services that the AUS has partnered with. Students apply for the card during one of our outreach periods and receive a small card they can attach to their keys! 🔑

How to Apply 🧑🏻‍💻


We have two sign-up periods per year, one during the first semester and one during the second semester. Notification regarding the opening of a new sign-up period will be available on our social media (Instagram and Facebook: @/ubcaus). The sign-up is through Google Forms and it is completely free! You should expect your card around 2 months after your application.

How to Receive Your Purple Card 

When your Purple Card arrives, you will receive an email detailing when and where you can pick your card up on the UBC campus. We will hold 1 month of regular pick-up periods in the Arts Student Centre, Buchanan, or the AMS Nest. If you can't make the times for general pickup, please contact us at to set up a separate time.

How do I use my Purple Card? 

At any of the businesses listed in our Sponsor section below, present your AUS Purple Card and your UBC student ID. Some of our sponsors have also provided discount codes for Arts students to be used for online purchases. When prompted at check-out, enter our special code in the discount/promo code fields. 


How do I know where I can use my Purple Card? 

All of our current sponsors and the discount information will be live on our website and social media. If you have any suggestions for sponsors, please email us at

Our Sponsors

10% off with “AUS10” code

10% discount on all products EXCEPT for merchandising products


Free 45 free driving minutes upon registration using code "PURPLECARD" 

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20% off on all products

20% discount on services at Black2Blond Salon & Spa and Hype Hair Studio


20% off the entire

site using code 





10% off with a minimum purchase of $10

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