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About the AUS

Mission Statement

The Arts Undergraduate Society aims to improve the social, academic, personal, and professional lives of arts students at UBC Vancouver. The society is committed to diversity and inclusivity through transparent governance and advocacy. The AUS strives to provide programming, services, and events, for arts students, and a physical space to promote community within the faculty.


The Arts Undergraduate Society was founded in 1961. The initial roots of the AUS started as early as 1915 respectively as the Arts Men’s Undergraduate Society (AMUS) and the Women’s Undergraduate Society (WUS). Between 1942-1961, The AUS was joint with Science undergrads as the Arts and Science Undergrad Society (ASUS). The AUS officially became an independent society dedicated to all arts students in 1961 with the separation of the AUS and SUS.

Since its establishment, the AUS has gone on to create some of their signature events and initiatives. The Arts County Fair was a yearly concert and festival held by the Arts Undergraduate Society from 1992-2007 (notable acts including: The Barenaked Ladies and The New Pornographers). Due to the immense size of the event, the planning process was handed over to the AMS and has evolved into what is now commonly known today as the AMS Block Party. 

With over 60 years of student initiative, events, support, and resource building the AUS has built a legacy and pride among arts students. The AUS aims to continue supporting students in their personal, professional, academic, and social endeavours for years to come.

*Information courtesy of AMS Archives

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