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Locker Rentals

The AUS provides locker rentals to students on the second floor of Buchanan D during the First and Second Terms of UBC’s Winter Session. We are accepting locker rentals for Term 1 and Term 1 and 2.
Term 2-only rentals will be open in January 2024!

Locker Rental Procedure

  • Fill out the Locker Rental form and agree to our Terms and Conditions 

  • Pay for the locker rental fee for your desired rental period via e-transfer

  • Please submit proof of payment through the rental form

  • Wait for a locker confirmation email from us

  • The confirmation email will include a Locker Layout document and a Locker Number Form

  • Assign yourself a locker number by looking at the vacant lockers in our Locker Layout document

  • Confirm your locker number through the Locker Number Form to begin your rental term

  • Vacate all belongings at the end of your rental term

NOTE: Contact and if you're interested in paying through another method.


Rental Form

Locker Rental Fees
  • Term 1 or Term 2 only ($15)

  • Term 1 and 2 ($35)

Locker Deadlines

  • For Term 1 rentals, vacate everything by December 22, 2023

  • For Term 2 rentals, vacate everything by April 27, 2024

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