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Health and Wellness

What does the Health and Wellness

(HeWe) Department do? ✨

The Health and Wellness Department, which is part of the AUS Academic Portfolio, is dedicated to fostering holistic well-being and is your go-to resource for promoting mental, physical, and sexual health within the vibrant AUS community. 🧘🏻🎁🕯 


Our commitment to holistic wellness goes beyond conventional approaches. We aim to spread awareness about relevant social and mental health issues through informed social media posts and innovative events. Our social media campaigns cover a range of topics, from self-reflection to the importance of funding non-profit organizations. We encourage hands-on experience as a vital component of learning and thus have events that directly cater to our goals. Some successful events that we have hosted in the past include Mirror and Candle painting, Halloween Carnival, Doggy Therapy, and Sexual Health Trivia amongst many others.


HeWe believes in creating unique experiences that resonate with the diverse needs of our community while providing practical tools and resources to empower individuals on their wellness journey. Keep an eye out on our social media @ubcaushewe for events, resources, and much more! Check the Events Tab below to see what events HeWe is organizing! 👋💜 

HeWe Events

Health and Wellness Resources

Phone Number
Wellness Advising
Located at Counselling Services in Brock Hall
604 822 3811
Wellness Centre
Located in the Life Building
604 822 8450
Student Health Services
Located at UBC Hospital, Room M334
604 822 7011
AMS Peer Support
6133 University Blvd #3125A, Vancouver, BC
604 822 9246
Campus Lightbox
Virtual Group
Virtual Group
Healing in Colour
Virtual Group
Virtual Group
UBC Student Assist Program (SAP)
24/7 Helpline and Wellness Resource
1-844-741-6389 (toll-free) 1-604-757-9734 (outside North America)
Counselling Services
Online Resource
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