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What is the AUS Council?

The Arts Undergraduate Society is governed by policies evoked by the AMS and the Arts Student body. AUS Council is the highest decision-making body within the Society, functioning as a platform for students to speak on issues that concern their academic experience. Council is composed of the 9 elected AUS Executives (AUS President and Vice Presidents), the elected AMS Representatives, the elected AUS Year Representatives, AUS Club Representatives, the Arts Student Senator, and the AUS Equity Commissioner.

AUS Council holds the Society accountable – your voice matters! We collectively represent Arts student voices and drive changes that will affect our student experience. Discussions vary, from high-level topics including where to allocate funds for the AUS budget and on the overhaul of our governance structure, to presentations on new initiatives led by the Society. Council minutes are taken and published on our website for all students to access and learn about any decisions that are being made in the AUS.

All students can attend AUS Council. We hold Council at the Nest Michael Kingsmill Forum (Room 4301) twice a month. The schedule for AUS Council is finalized for each term. You can attend as a visitor – you don’t have to notify us!

Head over to @ubcaus on Instagram where we post Council TL;DR videos!

If you have any questions about AUS Council, feel free to reach out to our VP Admin!

AUS Council Schedule
AUS Council Meeting Minutes
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