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Our Portfolios

Presidential Portfolio

Chaired by: Emma Martin-Rousselle

The Presidential Portfolio is composed primarily of the Equity and Inclusion Department, as well as its three sub-departments - strategy, events and social media. Led by the Equity Commissioner, the department works to serve equity-seeking Arts students. Some of the department’s key goals include: using events as educational and community-building opportunities; expanding the @ausequity Instagram account through meaningful and well-researched campaigns and creative content that spotlights equity initiatives & topics; and conducting research and consultation to inform AUS policy and programming. As President, I also work with the Executive team, and the Executive Assistant to the President, to ensure that AUS programming is going smoothly and that Arts Students are well-represented, including high-level management of the executive and of AUS volunteers, liaising with the Faculty of Arts, representing the AUS at events or to media, etc.

Ask Me About:
General AUS questions or concerns; media requests; how to share your perspective as an Arts student; sociology, ESG & corporate social responsibility; and getting involved on campus!


Chaired by: Batul Saifee

Portfolio Description: 

The Academic portfolio consists of two departments. The Professional and Academic Development (Pro-AD) department holds events and workshops catered toward helping Arts students in their academic journey through university. This department also coordinates the AUS X URO research award. The Health and Wellness (HeWe) department focuses on helping students manage school while prioritizing their health and wellness through fun events, workshops, and social media campaigns. This portfolio also works alongside the Arts Student Senator and AMS VP AUA to advocate for student academic needs to the university and UBC Vancouver Senate.

Ask me about:

Compass, Career Center, study spots on campus, academic events, plants, and book recommendations


Chaired by: Aakriti Kallianpur

Portfolio Description: 

The Engagement Portfolio handles branding and presence of the AUS via our marketing, media, analytics, and merch departments! We run the AUS Instagram account, do event photography and videography, handle all the AUS merchandising, and make social media analytics reports to see where we can improve our engagement.

Ask me about:

social media, art, double majoring, expanding your comfort zone, and anything else you’d like to reach out about!


Chaired by: Kaysan Adriyanto

Portfolio Description: 

The Administration Portfolio is composed of three departments. The Operations Department oversees the management and maintenance and improvement strategy of the Arts Student Centre and the AUS office, locker rentals, space bookings, and the AUS website. The Governance Department oversees the AUS Code of Procedures, AUS Council, and AUS Departmental Clubs. The Sustainability Department oversees the AUS Sustainability Strategy along with sustainability initiatives and projects, our inventory, and the ASC Food Hub Initiative’s projects (i.e. Food Fund, Community Pantry, Community Meal events).

Ask me about:

The ASC, AUS governance, sustainability initiatives, collaboration opportunities for Food Hub, Sims 4, and museum recommendations

Student Life

Chaired by: Sean Maskrey

Portfolio Description: 

The Student Life portfolio plans, organizes, and hosts major events for Arts students to promote community within the faculty and to bring students together through fun experiences. Some events you may have seen from the Student Life portfolio include Arts Week & the Lilac Gala, The Great Arts Sendoff, or KickstART! but we put on many more collaborative and social events. Student Life also oversees the AUS’ interfaculty relations, and is a point of contact for other clubs and student organizations who want to collaborate with the AUS for an event. Every Student Life event provides Arts students with a safe and open space to relax, meet new people, and create fun memories of your experience at UBC.

Ask me about:

Event spaces on campus, event ideas, new music!, Drag Race &Star Wars, and Snacks plz im so passionate abt snacks.

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